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Specializes in Reading and Language Arts Intervention

(Elementary Levels) 


Specific Tutoring Subjects & Levels:

Roberta has a great passion for teaching and works hard to engage students in learning through multi-sensory and hands-on lessons. She is a certified elementary school teacher for the Twin Falls School District. Roberta has a zeal teaching the core subjects and strives to spark the same excitement within her students.


Roberta specializes in Reading, Phonics, Literacy and Language Arts, along with helping students with executive functioning skills. With experience in teaching she is able to help students build on basic and more advanced skills. She is a fun and passionate educator who enjoys building lighthearted relationships with her students, while helping them learn and become more confident in their work. Roberta holds the belief that relationships make everything else possible.



  • Pre-K -Elementary Levels

  • Reading/Language Arts

  • Test Prep 

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