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Tailored Curriculum 

  • We identify skill gaps and learning styles to help each student gain the confidence they need to flourish throughout their educational career.


  • We work directly with parents and students to prepare them for any learning obstacle. We also offer flexible scheduling. 


Qualified Tutors 

  • Our educators have been professionally trained & we are qualified to teach all subjects, grades & abilities.  

Proudly serving students in Twin Falls & surrounding areas 


"Success Learning Center helped my fourth grade son gain the confidence he needed in his school subjects, including his greatly disliked subject of math. By making the learning fun and engaging, he was excited to go to tutoring and learn different techniques and logic to better understand areas he struggled with. Michelle & Scott are two of the kindest people I have met. Their dedication to helping others and providing an inviting space to do so says wonders about their character and their mission. If you're looking for a place for your child who may be struggling or needs to gain confidence with their school work, this is the place I suggest!"

                                 - Stacie L.

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